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川瀬 慈 Itsushi Kawase

Saturday, June 12, from 2:00 p.m

We invite the visual anthropologist 川瀬 慈 Itsushi Kawase to talk about his fieldwork in Ethiopia, where he conducted his research, and his recent writing activities.

Diggin where I’m standing, Rewilding, Wax & Gold, Agency, Song as a medium, Dialogue, Madness, Music as a medium, Jamming.

Recomended watching.

Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel (日本語字幕版)

イサクとの会話 (日本語字幕版)

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SIC believes in the richness that arises from breaking the boundaries between genres: art/cinema, fiction/documentary, poetry/essay.

Anthro-film Laboratory
Anthro-film Laboratoryは、文化人類学、映画、アートが交叉する実践のなかで、言語に依拠するだけでは伝達されえない知や経験の領域を探求し、人文学における新たな知の創造と語りの新地平を切り開くことを目指します。

At the busy juncture of Visual Anthropology, Museums and Art, where the paths of the editors-in-chief have crossed, TRAJECTORIA seeks to stretch the boundaries and expand the limitations of scholarship in visual practice and representation.

Jamming at 縁舎/Ensha, Maki Nakano and Masumi Takeno