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About In Conversation with...

Hosts Akitsugu Maebayashi & James Gibson invite you to join them in conversation with a series of special guests.

Under our present circumstances brought to the forefront due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have an opportunity to take advantage of this situation and turn things around. A chance to learn by sharing thoughts & experiences about the present and hints and expectations of the future, through reviewing & discussing our guest speakers past activities.

The act of casual 'conversation' is commonly overlooked in everyday life, but in our present disconnected - connected online community we have the platform to re-evaluate & emphasise the importance of conversation.

Join the conversation,
Maebayashi & James


#04: Lucas B.B.

#03: 八嶋有司 Yashima Yushi 具志堅裕 Gushiken Yusuke 湯澤大樹 Yuzawa Taiki

#02: 石川 直樹 Naoki Ishikawa

#01: 川瀬 慈 Itsushi Kawase

Email us if you have any questions or request access to our recorded conversation archive.
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