Let's Unite With Nature.

Makoto Fujiyama
Film-maker, Designer, Tent Sauna Party, Osaka
2017 CFT#01



Steam in a quiet forest.
Cooling in a clear lake.
Inhale a gentle breeze.
Recall all senses.
Staring at the fire. Water the stone. Talk with friends and family.

Let's unite with nature.

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Build It Little By Little.

Masaki Yokoyama
Designer, Mountain Man, Tab, Ogaki
2017 CFT#01

彼の本能によってたぐり寄せた驚きや成功、経験はどのように彼の 考え方や生活、働き方を変えたのか。

How following his instinct lead to surprises, successes and experiences that changed his whole way of thinking, living and working.

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