One Tree Academy

A platform inspired by outdoor culture from which to view the world and share our stories.

On the border between the city and mountains we built a new type of outdoor camping space. A place away from the stress of our daily lives, to decompress and reset our minds and bodies. You could say it’s a classroom where everyone is a teacher and a student, sharing and listening to stories around the campfire. Stories Inspire us and help us remember the important things in life, they strengthen our community, while reconnecting us to the natural world.

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
John Muir.





One Tree Academy
Otsudani Park Camping Ground
Miyaji, Ikeda-chō, Ibi-gun, Gifu-ken 503-2406

503-2406 宮地 池田町 揖斐郡 岐阜県

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One Tree Academy
James Gibson & Masaki Yokoyama

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Office Address

Takejima-cho 3, Gifu-ken Ōgaki-shi, 503-0878

503-0878 岐阜県 大垣市 竹島町3